Flush Trim Jig

Recently I was building a plywood bookcase with several shelves. To conceal the rough plywood, I glued hardwood strips to the front of each shelf. But when I tried to trim the strips using my router, the edge of the shelf was too narrow for my router to ride on. So I came up with this quick jig for trimming these kind of edges.

The jig provides a wide, flat support surface that I can attach to any board for trimming narrow edges. Simply clamp the jig to the side of your work piece, align it flush with the edge of your shelf, and start trimming (see photo).

To make the jig, join two pieces of 3/4" plywood with glue and screws to form an " L" shaped object, see drawing below. Then attach a small support bracket to each end.

After you assemble the jig, be sure to cut a shallow notch in the front edge to create clearance for waste. This notch can be cut on a table saw. (Just make sure you don't cut through the screws.)

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