Using The Drill Press table

It only takes a few minutes to attach the tilting table to the drill press. But before you do, you need to align the table.
The idea here is to orient the table to an “imaginary” center-line on your drill press, see Step1 and Step3.
After the table is aligned, a corresponding centerline is drawn down the middle of the insert, see Step4. This makes it easy to reposition after raising or lowering the height of the table.
Now all that’s required is to set the table to the desired angle and square the fence to the edge of the top, see Step5.

Step 1: After loosening the table clamp, center the hole in the table on a bit chucked in the drill press. Then retighten the clamp. 

Step 2: Next, set the tilting table on the drill press table and attach it loosely with carriage bolts, washers, and T-knobs.

Step 3: Now gently twist the tilting table until the insert is centered on the column of the drill press.
Then tighten the knobs.

Step 4: After adjusting the height of the metal drill press table, simply line the bit up with a centerline drawn on the insert.

Step 5: To avoid drilling compound angle ho/es, square the fence to the edge ofthe table before tightening the clamps.

Locking the fence on the top of the table helps hold the workpiece in place when drilling angled holes.

 When drilling long pieces, the table can be turned 90°.
To prevent the workpiece from sliding, clamp it to the fence.

When the insert gets chewed up after drilling many holes, just remove the old insert and screw on a new one.


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