Rip Fence Setup Gauge

When trying to make very accurate cuts with my rip fence, I used to check the distance between the fence and my saw blade with a tape measure.
But trying to hold the end of the tape against the rip fence and adjust it at the same time took more coordination than I could muster. So instead I made a simple setup gauge for my rip fence.

My setup gauge consists of nothing more than a block of hardwood and a 12"-long steel rule, see drawing at left.

I simply cut a shallow dado across the bottom edge of the block to hold the rule. Then glued the rule into the dado with epoxy so that it was flush with the edge (back) of the block.

To use the gauge, just clamp it to the rip fence, see photo. This way, the gauge moves along with the fence as I adjust it, leaving me with both hands free to set the fence.

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