Sanding Disc Guard

I have a combination belt/disc sander, and more than once I've nearly caught my sleeve in the rotating disc while trying to sand something on the belt. To prevent this from ever happening, I came up with an idea for a slip-on guard to cover the disc while I'm using the belt.

First I cut an arch shape that goes around the perimeter of the disc from a section of 2x6 (You’ll have to size this piece to fit your sander.) Then I attached a couple of small cleats to each end of the arch. One cleat rests on the disc sander plat-form to position the guard at the right height. The other extends down the side of the platform to keep the guard in place.

Next, I made a cover to hide the disc. I placed the completed arch assembly on a piece of hardboard and traced the profile down to the platform cleats. Then I cut out the cover on a band saw and glued it to the framework. Finally, I sanded the edges of the cover flush with the frame.

Now whenever I use the belt system on my sander, I simply drop the disc guard in place. When using the disc sander, I hang the guard on a nearby wall.

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