Vacuum Hose Bracket

The drum sander on my drill press works great for sanding curves — but it produces a lot of dust. If you don't have a dust collection system, here's a handy clamp you can make that will allow you to attach the hose from a shop vacuum to your drill press table.

The bracket consists of two parts: a keyhole-shaped yoke, and a metal hose clamp that secures the yoke to the column of the drill press (see drawings). These parts are held together with a carriage bolt and wing nut. The bolt passes through a hole in the hose clamp and into another hole in the end of the yoke.

To allow you to tilt the yoke to the desired angle without loosening the wing nut, the hole in the metal clamp is slightly larger than the square shoulder of the bolt. And to provide clearance for the wing nut, there’s a rectangular opening in the yoke. Finally, the large hole in the yoke is sized to accept the hose from the shop vacuum.