Miter Moldings Safely and Accurately

I recently completed a project that required cutting miters on small pieces of molding using a power miter saw. The irregular shape of the molding caused my workpiece to rock back and forth while I made the cut. To solve the problem, I made a small wood support and attached it to the table with carpet tape.

The support block keeps the molding square to the saw table, eliminating the rocking problem I was having before.

Start by rotating the turntable 45° to the right. I placed the carpet tape to the base only and not the turntable. This allowed me to rotate the table without dislodging the block.

Now turn on the saw and lower the spinning blade until it cuts all the way through the molding and the support block. Repeat the process for the other end of the molding by rotating the turntable to the opposite 45° angle setting.

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