Centering a Table Top

Centering the top of a table on its base used to be a time-consuming process for me. I'd spend a lot of time with a ruler checking and rechecking the overhang along all four sides to make sure it was the same all the way around. But now I use a quicker method — that's more accurate.
First, I flip the top of the table or cabinet upside down and mark the center of all four sides, as shown in the drawing. Then I find the center of each apron (or side), making a mark on the outside face of each one where it meets the top. Once the centers are marked, place the base upside down on the table top.

Now to center the base on the top, it's just a matter of aligning the marks on the aprons to the marks on the top. (Note: Before you tighten the mounting hardware, double check the alignment marks one more time to make sure the base hasn't shifted.)

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