Using The Tenoning Jig

Step 1: Adjust Blade Height.
First, lay out the tenon on the workpiece. Then butt the workpiece up against the back stop and clamp it in place with the ho/d-down bar. Next, adjust the height of the blade for desired depth of cut (length of tenon).

Step 2: Adjust Back Stop.
Now you can adjust the back stop. To do this, slide the tenoning jig so the back stop is over the blade. Then lower the back stop until it just touches the saw blade at its highest point.

Step 3: Se! Stop for Inside Cut.
To set the out for the inside cheek, slide the platform so the blade aligns with the inside layout line. Then thread the left coupling nut against stop block and tighten the wing nut.

Step 4: Setstop tor Outside Cut.
Now, move the platform so the blade aligns with the layout line for the other cheek. Then adjust the right coupling nut, tighten the wing nut, and make a test cut. To complete the tenon, remove the workpiece and make the shoulder cuts.

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