Box Fan Filter

I've seen plenty of box fans converted to shop air filters. Most use duct tape or clamps to hold the filter steady. But I've always thought there must be better way to attach the filter that would make it easier to clean or replace the filter when needed.

While shopping at the local home center, I came across some vinyl siding J-channel. (Its normal use is for trimming around doors and windows.) I thought this might be a much better solution for mounting furnace filters to box fans.

The advantage to this design is that it firmly holds a 20" x 20" furnace filter, yet it allows for easy and quick removal of the filter for cleaning or replacement.

Start by removing the plastic grill.Then attach the channel to the grill, using some narrow wood backing strips to screw into. I did this to three edges of the inlet side of the fan, like you see in the top photo. Finally, replace the grill back on the fan.

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