Miter Gauge Extension

Using a miter gauge to cut multiple pieces to identical length on a table saw is easy — if the pieces are fairly short. But if the pieces are long, it can be difficult cutting them to identical lengths. Unless I use an extremely long fence, there’s no place to clamp a stop block. And a long fence would just get in the way most of the time.

To solve this problem, I added a removable extension rail to the wood fence attached to my miter gauge. Then I made a stop block to fit on the rail. 

Extension Rail: The extension rail is a piece of aluminum bar stock that attaches to the back of the wood fence. (You’ll find bar stock at most home centers.) To hold the rail in place, I cut two notches in the bottom edge of the aluminum bar to fit over screws installed in the fence. Tightening the screws will secure the rail to the fence.

Stop Block: Next, I added a sliding stop block. It’s a thick, hardwood block with a wide kerf that fits over the rail. After positioning the stop block on the rail, locking it in place is just a matter of tightening a knob that fits into a threaded insert (see detail 'a').

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